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The No Phinsider Podcast Live Thread

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Unfortunately, there have been technical difficulties on the host server for the Phinsider Podcast tonight, meaning the show cannot happen as scheduled. Make sure to join us late Friday night - and into Saturday morning - for the Phinsider Google+ Hangout as we mark the start of the NFL's free agency negotiations period.

Christian Petersen

The Phinsider Podcast cannot happen tonight due to technical difficulties on our host site. Instead, we will have this live thread, with no show. Use it to discuss whatever you would like. Just keep it PG since this is a live thread on the front page.

Make sure you join us Friday night as the Google+ Hangout live video show marks the start of the NFL's new negotiating/"legal tampering" period on Saturday. We will be here to discuss all things Dolphins, free agency, and whatever else you would like to bring up.

And, since I am again setting up the nightly live thread, I once again get to pick the musical selection for the evening. Tonight,