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Kansas City Chiefs' Busy Day: Re-Sign Dwayne Bowe, Franchise Tag Branden Albert

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The Kansas City Chiefs had a busy day on Monday, re-signing multiple players and placing the franchise tag on tackle Brandon Albert. These moves directly effect the Miami Dolphins offseason.

Doug Pensinger

The Kansas City Chiefs were busy on Monday, announcing the re-signing of wide receiver Dwayne Bowe and punter Dustin Colquitt, as well as placing the franchise tag on tackle Branden Albert. The moves are simply noteworthy to most NFL teams, however, two of them actually impact the Miami Dolphins this offseason.

The first of those moves, a new five-year contract for Bowe, takes a potential Miami free agency target off the market. While the Dolphins did not seem to lust after the Chiefs’ wide out, he was a big name option for the market, and could have let the Dolphins pursue Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings with fewer teams bidding against them. That option is gone now.

The move could set the wide receiver market this year, as well. The Dolphins will have to watch the numbers on Bowe's new contract as they target any other wide receivers in free agency.

As for the franchise tag for Albert, that narrows the tackle market a little and makes things a little rosier for soon-to-be free agent Jake Long. The 2008 number one overall pick could be facing a stagnant market this offseason as he tries to retain his $11 million per year salary, but with Albert retained by the Chiefs, that could crack open the door a little. If the Dolphins were looking to re-sign Long based on that stagnant market, this move by the Chiefs could be an unwelcome one.

It’s a big day for the Chiefs, who are also expected to trade for quarterback Alex Smith on March 12, but it’s one that actually hurts the Miami Dolphins.

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