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Happy Easter from the golden arm of Dan Marino

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As a way to ring in the Easter holiday, I thought you guys would enjoy a compilation of Dan Marino's record-setting 1984 season.

In terms of the Miami Dolphins, one of my favorite historical topics is Dan Marino's 1984 season in which he put up a then-unheard of 48 touchdowns and 5,084 yards passing. Such a performance might not sound like much when compared the numbers put up by guys like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers over the past 10 years, but adjusted for inflation (or deflation, if you will), I still look at Marino's '84 season as the greatest in NFL history. Put mid-'80s Dan in today's NFL and he'd average 60 TDs and 5,800 yards passing a season. Not even kidding with those estimates. Marino was a one-in-a-billion talent, and I am not sure we'll ever see another player like him.

So in honor of the Easter holiday, crank up the above video and enjoy visual documentation of Dan Marino setting the NFL world on its ear with a season that was positively unfathomable at the time.