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Filed under: Jake Long 'looking for $11 million annually'

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We're just nine days away from the start of 2013 free agency, and with continuing speculation as to whether Jake Long's time in Miami is over, reports have come out suggesting that the left tackle wants $11 million annually. Yikes.

Smart money says No. 77 isn't long for that Miami Dolphins uniform.
Smart money says No. 77 isn't long for that Miami Dolphins uniform.

Note to those of you holding out hope that Jake Long will be back with the Miami Dolphins next season: abort hope immediately.'s Ian Rapoport reported on Sunday that Long has "indicated he's looking for $11 million per season in his next contract."

Long, the first overall selection in 2008, was voted to the Pro Bowl his first four seasons. However, he's finished the past two campaigns on injured reserve--a torn bicep in 2011, torn triceps last season--and will be considered a risky signing for any team looking to throw big money at the left tackle position. He also costs more than the rest of Miami's current offensive line, so there's that.

In addition, an article posted by writer Dan Hanzus on Sunday afternoon states that there are questions about whether Long will remain on the left side in the long term.

"Long told NFL Network last month that his body has never felt better, and he fully expects several productive seasons ahead," Hanzus wrote. "At 27 (years of age), that's certainly possible. But it will be interesting to see if anyone is willing to play ball at (Long's) price. We doubt it will be the Dolphins."

That, my friends, is the understatement of the year.