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Filed under:'s Peter King Looks at Free Agency, Talks Jake Long

New, comments's Peter King sees Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Jake Long getting a big deal in free agency this offseason - maybe not for as long as the 2008 first overall pick would like, but at least big money. See what else King has to say about free agency this year.'s Peter King sat down with Maggie Gray on Friday to discuss the upcoming NFL free agency. Asked about who will be the big name in free agency, King immediately turned his attention to Miami Dolphins' offensive tackle Jake Long.

King feels a team out there could pay Long a big deal, but only sign him for two years. Could that fact lead Long to re-sign with the Dolphins? We'll have to wait and see.

King also discussed Mike Wallace (getting a big pay day), Wes Welker (not getting a big pay day), and William Moore (not getting the money he could in another year).

Check out the full video above and see who King sees as the under-the-radar guy in the draft (hint: he could be an answer for the Dolphins).

The NFL free agency period starts this week, with teams able to begin negotiations with players on March 9. The official signing period opens up at 4pm ET on March 12.