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Phinsider Community Mock Draft Team Assignments

Last night, we randomized the list of people who volunteered for the Phinsider Community Mock Draft. Here are the results


The Phinsider Community Mock Draft will kick off this weekend, with various members of the community acting as the general manager of an assigned team. The assignments were after members signed up in a previous thread. Everyone who said they wanted in was then placed in a list that was randomized via the

All 32 teams now have a community member as their GM. The list is below. In the case of a trade, the member who will make the pick is first, with the GM of the team that gave away the pick in parenthesis.

Our goal is to complete 2 rounds. I will email everyone on the list tomorrow with the link to the Google Document that will allow you to input your picks. I will also set up the timetable for submission. If you use an email other than the one you signed up for the site with, please send me an email tonight so I have the correct one.

On to the list:

Round 1:

1 Kansas City Chiefs Cintronz
2 Jacksonville Jaguars Yakov2
3 Oakland Raiders Phinsphana
4 Philadelphia Eagles AnishB15
5 Detroit Lions Chris Early
6 Cleveland Browns Agent J 78
7 Arizona Cardinals the big brickk
8 Buffalo Bills South Florida Fan
9 New York Jets Laces out
10 Tennessee Titans dolphinfan4lyfe
11 San Diego Chargers crableg
12 Miami Dolphins bacattack51
13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers pHiN_gAtOr
14 Carolina Panthers cubman987
15 New Orleans Saints Phintastic
16 St. Louis Rams Dolphins Draft Experts
17 Pittsburgh Steelers Orange_Cisco
18 Dallas Cowboys TheDiazFallacy
19 New York Giants Celticwar17
20 Chicago Bears Dolfankenny
21 Cincinnati Bengals ct1361
22 St. Louis Rams (Washington) Dolphins Draft Experts (frostyphinfan)
23 Minnesota Vikings NetSwag12
24 Indianapolis Colts small balls
25 Minnesota Vikings (Seattle) NetSwag12 (Rytackle)
26 Green Bay Packers hollywood_89
27 Houston Texans Alex Parisj
28 Denver Broncos soffici
29 New England Patriots Dominick.1384
30 Atlanta Falcons NickCallaway
31 San Francisco 49ers finsfan7
32 Baltimore Ravens Nete88

Round 2:

33 Jacksonville Jaguars Yakov2
34 San Francisco 49ers (Kansas City) finsfan7 (Cintronz)
35 Philadelphia Eagles AnishB15
36 Detroit Lions Chris Early
37 Cincinnati Bengals (Oakland) ct1361 (Phinsphana)
38 Arizona Cardinals the big brickk
39 New York Jets Laces out
40 Tennessee Titans dolphinfan4lyfe
41 Buffalo Bills South Florida Fan
42 Miami Dolphins bacattack51
43 Tampa Bay Buccaneers pHiN_gAtOr
44 Carolina Panthers cubman987
45 San Diego Chargers crableg
46 St. Louis Rams Dolphins Draft Experts
47 Dallas Cowboys TheDiazFallacy
48 Pittsburgh Steelers Orange_Cisco
49 New York Giants Celticwar17
50 Chicago Bears Dolfankenny
51 Washington Redskins frostyphinfan
52 Minnesota Vikings NetSwag12
53 Cincinnati Bengals ct1361
54 Miami Dolphins (Indianapolis) bacattack51 (small balls)
55 Green Bay Packers hollywood_89
56 Seattle Seahawks Rytackle
57 Houston Texans Alex Parish
58 Denver Broncos soffici
59 New England Patriots Dominick.1384
60 Atlanta Falcons NickCallaway
61 San Francisco 49ers finsfan7
62 Baltimore Ravens Nete88