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2013 NFL Draft video review: Desmond Trufant

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The Phinsider's video review of 2013 NFL Draft prospects continues with a look at one of the top cornerbacks in this year's class: Washington's Desmond Trufant.

Finally, after months of talking up Washington cornerback Desmond Trufant, we have the tape to back up the hype.

I've mentioned in prior posts how finding quality college game tape on YouTube is pretty much hit or miss. There was a time when you could find 10-minute vids from DraftBreakdown detailing the strengths and weaknesses of practically any prospect available in the coming NFL Draft. Even better, the tape typically incorporated multiple games for our research pleasure.

These days, you're lucky if you can find fan-made, cheesy highlight reels of top college prospects. Do we really need another YouTube vid in which Julio Jones smokes numerous defensive backs while Lil' Jon spins in the background? Why isn't there a video featuring the best of Mike Wallace's deep bomb touchdown receptions set to the tune of Slick Rick's "Children's Story?" Someone make this video for me right now!

Anyway, until recently, there just wasn't much Trufant tape on YouTube. And the videos that did exist were of games he played in 2010—hardly an indicative piece of research if you're interested in drafting the guy. And then, like a bolt from the blue, select games from Trufant's senior year began to pop up. And that brings us to the Huskies 2012 meeting with the Stanford Cardinal--arguably Trufant's best game last season.

We've already broken down Trufant's skill set on multiple occasions, so I'll spare you the usual draft breakdown rhetoric. Just watch the video and enjoy. Also, try not to be such a hater via comments like "He isn't worth the No. 12 pick."