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Dolphins Confirm New Logo, Begin Re-Branding of Team

The Miami Dolphins today officially confirmed the team's new logo and began the rebranding of the team. Defensive end Jared Odrick received the first t-shirt, the team's website added the logo, and the team's official Twitter page changed its avatar.

Rumors and speculation has been running rampant over the past few days as a new, and official looking, logo for the Miami Dolphins leaked. Yesterday, the team confirmed that the leaked logo is indeed the team's new look. Dolphins CEO Mike Dee admitted that a Nike employee released the photo, and, since it is out there now, and the team had planned to do a 30 day roll out anyway, they were going to have some fun with it.

That fun started with defensive end Jared Odrick receiving the first t-shirt with the new logo prior to heading out to an appearance at the Baptist Children's Hospital. After putting on the new shirt, Odrick tweeted:

The logo also briefly appeared on the NFL's website in their "Predict the Pick" game. The logo was quickly taken down, then replaced with the team's current logo. However, it wasn't fast enough to prevent screenshots from being snagged:

Eventually, the team went ahead and changed the logo on their official website:


The logo also is now the team's avatar on Twitter:


What are your thoughts on the new logo? Let us know in the comments below, and, if you haven't already, make sure you vote in our poll on the team's new look.