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Yes, this is the new Dolphins logo

Miami Herald writer Armando Salguero earlier this evening confirmed that the Dolphins logo leaked last week is indeed the team's new logo.

Say hello to the new Miami Dolphins logo.
Say hello to the new Miami Dolphins logo.

Well, this is guaranteed to piss some of you off.

Dolphins beat writer Armando Salguero earlier this evening confirmed that the "new" Dolphins logo, which leaked on March 19, is official. The confirmation arrives following word that the Dolphins will unveil their new logo and uniforms on Thursday, April 25, which also happens to be opening night of the 2013 NFL Draft. The logo and uniforms were previously scheduled to debut the previous Thursday, April 18.

Salguero's article also states that the Dolphins will wear white facemasks in 2013--a first for the storied franchise. A streamlined color scheme is expected, as well.

"I haven't seen the uniform, but I'm told the color scheme going forward will be a throwback to the team's roots," Salguero wrote. "The aqua and orange somehow morphed over the years, sometimes getting darker, sometimes lighter, sometimes even looking a bit turquoise or teal, or even somewhere in the green family, when none of that was the original intent."

"Aqua and orange, folks. Yes, with some white and blue in the mix."

Two things:

  • I bash Armando more often than not, but he's been on his game lately, so props to him. I'll be back to hating him by next week, but props nonetheless.
  • I absolutely love the new logo. It's right in line with what I hoped the team would design.

It's funny that Armando uses the term "throwback" when discussing the team's "new" color scheme. I've been complaining about the absurd "modernization" of the Dolphins' logo and uniforms ever since they hatched back in 1997. I've certainly learned to appreciate our current logo and unis over the past 15 years, but I've always said that the Dolphins shouldn't hesitate to return to more of a classic look if given the chance. Lo and behold, here we are, and it looks like the Dolphins are poised to do something along the lines of classic and traditional. I'll miss the ridiculous-looking "M" helmet, but I certainly won't miss the ugly drop-shadow numbers and gratuitous use of navy blue. No, thanks.

You can peep Armando's article here. And feel free to use the comment section below to air your complaints and grievances regarding the new Miami Dolphins logo.

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