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Filed under: Lists Dolphins as AFC Free Agency Loser

New, comments's Gregg Rosenthal broke down the AFC's free agency winners and losers this week. Despite the Dolphins adding of weaponry around second year quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Rosenthal lists the Dolphins as "losers" in his grades.

Joe Sargent

Over the weekend,'s Gregg Rosenthal took a look at the teams in the AFC and ranking their free agency period as "winners" or "losers." Stressing that he was "going to try avoid simply calling all the most active teams in free agency 'winners' in this column," Rosenthal clearly doe snot see the Miami Dolphins addition of weapons around second year quarterback Ryan Tannehill as a good move for the team.

Rosenthal ranks three of the four AFC East teams as "losers," giving that ranking to the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets along with the Dolphins. He also ranks the New England Patriots as "winners" because they "get to play the three [AFC East] teams twice a year."

About the Dolphins, Rosenthal writes:

You "win" free agency by signing guys like linebacker Philip Wheeler to cheap one-year contracts, like the Raiders did last season. You don't get value by signing non-pass rushing linebackers to huge long-term contracts. Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace was a perfect pickup for Ryan Tannehill's big arm, but otherwise GM Jeff Ireland spent like a guy trying to save his job. (Which he is.) It's also easy to ignore that plenty of talent left the building: cornerback Sean Smith, tackle Jake Long and running back Reggie Bush.

It really seems easy to say the Dolphins are "losers" if you only consider two of the team's moves. Rosnethal makes no mention of the signing of linebacker Dannell Ellerbe, wide receiver Brandon Gibson, or tight end Dustin Keller. Guess they have no bearing on the team getting any better.

But, hey, why not. I'll go for proving another expert wrong.