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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Phinsider Community Sign Up

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It's that time of year again, where we post our Phinsider Community Mock Draft. If you are interested in joining in, check out the post below and let me know in the comments.

Al Bello

The Phinsider's annual Community Mock Draft is back, with sign ups starting today. All you have to do to be entered for a chance to join is let me know in the comments that you want in. That's it.

How the Mock Draft will work this year is a little different than in previous years. As usual, I will take every member who says they want in, and randomize the list. From there, the first 32 people will be assigned to a team, where they will then act as the general manager for that franchise.

There are no trades allowed during the mock draft.

Where it will differ this year is in how picks will be entered. I will set up a Google Document and email the 32 general managers with the link. Then, we will post a timeline for the picks to be posted. If you do't get your pick in on time, I will make the pick for you, and we will move on. With your pick, you should also give a brief explanation of why you picked that player.

I will then group the picks together and make a series of posts to complete our Community Mock Draft.

We will attempt to do two rounds this year, which will allow teams with no first round pick to get into the mock draft later.

If you are interested, please leave a comment below. I will post the result of the random selection after it occurs. Signup will run through Wednesday.