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NFL Free Agency 2013: Sebastian Vollmer Returning to Patriots

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Although fee agency is slowing down, that doesn't mean there aren't noteworthy players still available. One of those players, tackle Sebastian Vollmer, has, according to reports, agreed to a new contract with the New England Patriots.


The New England Patriots and free agent tackle Sebastian Vollmer have agreed to a new contract, according to an report. The terms of the deal aren't known yet, but Vollmer will return to New England, where he has spent all four years of his career.

The move takes one of the top offensive linemen off the free agency market. Meanwhile, the Miami Dolphins are still in need of a tackle to replace the departed Jake Long on their roster. Vollmer was considered a target as long as he remained on the market, though the Dolphins had not made a move in his direction.

Vollmer was the Patriots' second round pick in 2009, starting 44 games since then, including 15 of the 16 regular season games last year. Vollmer had to have a knee procedure this offseason, which cooled the free agent market around him. Vollmer was thought to be asking for money in the $9 million per season range, which would exceed the contract Long signed with the St. Louis Rams last weekend.

Miami has been in talks with former Kansas CIty Chies tackle Eric Winston, though it's unclear if the team has actually made an offer to him. The team also hosted free agent guard Brandon Moore, but did not offer him a deal, either. Moore, formerly of the New York Jets, has scheduled visits with the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys.