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Opposing Coaches Weigh In On Dolphins Moves

The Miami Dolphins have been busy this offseason, using free agency to rework their roster in an effort to challenge the New England Patriots for the top spot in the AFC East. Some opposing coaches recently weighed in on the moves in Miami so far.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have been one of, if not the, winners of the offseason this year. While that's usually a kiss of death for a team once the regular season rolls around, the Dolphins seem to be methodically targeting specific players and at specific price points, not just throwing money at anyone and everyone (I"m looking at you Washington Redskins).

Earlier today, the Palm Beach Post's Ben Volin published a series of quotes from opposing head coaches who commented on the job the Dolphins are doing this offseason.

Included in Volin's run down from the coaches during the NFL Owners Meetings last week in Arizona was New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, who said of the Dolphins moves, "Hey, there's no question they've added a lot of talent to their team.. But I'm kind of happy to see Jake Long leave, to be honest with you, because that was one heck of a football player."

You leave him alone, leave him matched up one-on-one, he's going to burn you. -Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano on Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wllace

About former Jets tight end Dustin Keller, who signed with Miami this year, Ryan added, "He's a weapon. He's got receiver skills in a tight end body. Obviously there's a huge matchup problem when Dustin's out there."

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher, who chose to go to the Rams last year over the Dolphins, agreed with Ryan's assessment of Miami's moves. "They're off to a great start - filling needs, being very aggressive, and in addition to that they've still got picks."

Miami has 11 total selections in next month's NFL draft, including five picks in the first three rounds.

Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, who served as the defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens and had to game plan for and face former Pittsburgh Steelers and new Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace,, talked about the player he faced twice a year for three years. "He's a game changer. He's got rare speed, can take the top off of any defense, so you've got to make sure you attend to him. You leave him alone, leave him matched up one-on-one, he's going to burn you."

Check out more coaching quotes from Arizona, including Fisher's take on wide receiver Brandon Gibson, who moved from the Rams to Miami this year, in Volin's run down.