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Madden Cover Vote: Marino vs. Faulk in Round Two

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ESPN's SportsNation is once again holding a fan vote to decide who should be on the cover of the next edition of EA Sports' Madden NFL Football. With this being the 25th edition of the game, several all time NFL greats are in the running for the cover - including Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino.

Andy Marlin

EA Sports and ESPN have teamed up again to give the fans the ability to pick the cover of Madden NFL Football. This year's game is the 25th Anniversary edition, and EA is including the option to put an NFL legend on the cover. The voting has advanced to the second round, with Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame quarterback advancing to face Marshall Faulk.

Marino, a "4th seed" in the legends side of the bracket beat Reggie Wayne in the first round, receiving 77% of the vote. Meanwhile, the fifth seeded Faulk gained 83% of the vote against Clinton Portis.

Current Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill lost in the first round to Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. RG3 received 87% of the vote.

To help Marino advance past Faulk, where he will face the winner of the vote between Joe Montana and Jerome Bettis, head over to ESPN's SportsNation page. The second round of voting ends on March 27.