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Dolphins: If Miami doesn't get Super Bowl, we give community option to not go forward on Stadium upgrades

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The Miami Dolphins are asking the Miami-Dade county community to pay for about $199 million in upgrades to Sun Life Stadium. Team CEO Mike Dee today said that if the team does not get awarded one of the two Super Bowls to be decided upon in May, the team will give the public the option to not pay for the upgrades.

Streeter Lecka

The Miami Dolphins have been working to get approval for public funding of about $199 million of the proposed $400 million in stadium upgrades needed at Sun Life Stadium. The team has stated that, without the upgrades, the stadium will no longer be competitive for future Super Bowls, and could lose out on NCAA Championship games as well.

The team is ready to bet everything on the NFL's awarding of Super Bowls L and LI in May, with Dolphins CEO Mike Dee today telling the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, without one of those two games coming to South Florida, the team will allow the public to pull the funding back out of the stadium renovations.

"If Miami does not get a Super Bowl at that May 22 meeting, even with a successful referendum, we're going to give the community the option to not move forward," Dee explained. "We have great confidence that South Florida will be awarded a Super Bowl on May 22 when the owners vote in Boston. And I can't tell you which one that'll be, but I can tell you we're confident that vote will go our way."

That stipulation, either a Super Bowl in 2016 or 2017 or no funding, could be exactly what the Miami-Dade County Commission needs to get behind the funding proposal.

The Dolphins are pushing hard to win Super Bowl L, the 2016 50th anniversary of the game. They are finalists with the San Francisco 49ers stadium being constructed in Santa Clara. Whichever team is not given that game will then go against the Houston Texans to host Super Bowl LI the next February.

Miami, which is tied with New Orleans as the site of the most Super Bowls with ten apiece, last held the NFL's title game in 2010 after funding for a New York City home for the Jets fell through. The team is asking for a $3 million sales tax rebate on good sold within Sun Life Stadium for 30-years, as well as a one cent increase in the bed tax within Miami-Dade County.

"We believe that May 22 we'll be return from Boston victorious, with Miami's eleventh Super Bowl with us," Dee said.