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NFL Power Rankings from ESPN

ESPN released their preseason/pre-draft power rankings for the NFL yesterday. Here's a look at the top teams, the bottom teams, and, of course, the Miami Dolphins.

Jeff Gross

The NFL offseason is in full swing, with free agency on going, the NFL Owners Meeting this week, and teams preparing for the Draft next month. With no games being played right now, and gains or losses simply being on paper, why not take a look at the power rankings for all 32 teams.

Of course, ESPN has already taken care of that. Using votes from Mike Sando, John Clayton, Jamison Hensley, Ashley Fox, and Dan Graziano, they built a ranking for every NFL team, based on how they finished last year, what they have done in free agency, and any trades they have made.

The top of the rankings feature the NFC West, with the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers claiming the top two spots. The Denver Broncos claim the third position, while the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots round out the top five.

The bottom of the league features the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 32nd and final spot. Just ahead of them, the New York Jets fill the 31st position, the Oakland Raiders in 30th, and the Arizona Cardinals in 29th. The bottom five is completed with the third of the four AFC East teams, the Buffalo Bills, taking the 28th position.

The missing team from the AFC East is, of course, the Miami Dolphins. Despite an offseason that included grabbing the top wide receiver, adding a pass catching tight end, and re-tooling the linebacker corps, the Dolphins only claimed the 19th position, one spot higher than their last ranking by ESPN a week ago.

Of the position, Hensley explained, "Miami spent $44 million in guaranteed money on Mike Wallace and Dannell Ellerbe. Let's see how much this investment pays off."

Not a whole lot of description there. But, looking at how they voted, Fox had Miami the highest at 17, Hensley and Graziano placed the Dolphins at 18, Clayton dropped them to 19, and Sando had them down at 21.

You can see how the Dolphins ranked in ESPN's Power Rankings for every week of every season since 2002 here.

What do you think of the rankings? Should the Dolphins be higher?