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NFL Free Agency 2013: Quarterbacks

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We are getting close to the start of the NFL Free Agency period. This year, negotiations can start with potential free agents on March 9, with the signing period opening three days later. Over the next few days, we are going to build the list of free agents this year, eventually turning it into our site's free agency tracker for the year. First up, we have the quarterbacks:

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

NFL Free Agency kicks off this week. To get ready, we will take a look at available players at every position, then build that list into a comprehensive tracker of free agent signings around the league. First up is our list of quarterbacks:

Derek Anderson UFA 29 Panthers
Charlie Batch UFA 37 Steelers
John Beck UFA 31 Texans
Jason Campbell UFA 30 Bears
David Carr UFA 33 Giants
Kellen Clemons UFA 29 Rams
Chase Daniel UFA 25 Saints
Pat Devlin ERFA 24 Dolphins
Trent Edwards UFA 28 Eagles
Joe Flacco UFA 27 Ravens Ravens 6-year, $120.6 million
David Garrard UFA 34 Dolphins
Bruce Gradkowski UFA 29 Bengals
Rex Grossman UFA 32 Redskins
Brian Hoyer UFA 27 Cardinals
Tavaris Jackson UFA 29 Bills
Josh Johnson UFA 26 Browns
Byron Leftwich UFA 32 Steelers
Matt Leinart UFA 29 Raiders
Josh McCown UFA 33 Bears
Luke McCown UFA 31 Falcons
Matt Moore UFA 28 Dolphins
Jordan Palmer UFA 28 Jaguars
Brady Quinn UFA 27 Chiefs
Matt Schaub UFA 31 Texans
Drew Stanton UFA 28 Colts
Tyler Thigpen UFA 28 Bills