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Was The New Dolphins Logo Leaked?

Was The New Dolphins Logo Leaked? A tweet this morning that included a picture of what seems to be a new Dolphins jersey with new logo and colors is making the rounds raising speculation that this is the new look.

By now every Dolphins fan knows that the team intends to change out the logo for the following season. This original announcement was then followed up by much speculation which also often times included photos or drawings of what different people believed the new logo to be.

Just yesterday the Dolphins announced the release date for the new logo and uniforms would be on April 18th. This will give the Dolphins fans a look at the teams new look a week before the NFL draft when the team no doubt would like to showcase their newly drafted players with the teams new logo and colors.

Then comes this morning and a quick pic that someone took and then posted on twitter that seems to be a box full of jerseys with the new logo and the Nike symbol which only add's to the speculation that these are the actual new jerseys with new logo and new color.

What do you think? Do you think these look authentic? Are these the real thing? Do you like this logo?