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Stephen Ross: "The Dolphins belong in South Florida and are going to stay"

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The Miami Dolphins are asking for public funding to assist in major renovations to Sun Life Stadium in an effort to keep the stadium competitive for future Super Bowls and NCAA National Championship games.


The Miami Dolphins are asking Miami-Dade County for $199 million to assist in a major renovation of Sun Life Stadium. The upgrades, according to the Dolphins, the changes are needed to keep South Florida in the running for Super Bowls and NCAA National Championship games. However, the political climate makes it difficult to get the public funding approved.

Which typically leads to an owner threatening to move the team out of their current city. In a league without a franchise in Los Angeles, that threat is always at the ready. However, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross clearly has no plan to use that threat.

"Having been brought up in South Florida and loving the Dolphins I would find that very hard to do," Ross told Pro Football Talk today. "I mean, some times when you're dealing with adversity and people are giving you a hard time you say, ‘Hey I'm not bound to stay here.' But really I'm not threatening anybody. The Dolphins belong in South Florida and they are going to stay in South Florida.

"We are the only stadium in the country I think, especially in the NFL, that doesn't have one penny of public funds and the only stadium that pays full real estate taxes," Ross continued. "In fact, I think all the rest of them pay no real estate taxes at all, and we're paying full taxes. So that sets us behind and makes us less competitive in that standpoint.

"I'm prepared to put a lot of money into it," Ross explained of the renovation effort. "But I think everywhere you see a new stadium you see the public supporting it. And that is one thing that has not been supported in Miami. They did the Marlins stadium and that's probably one of the major reasons we're having problems."

You can watch more of the interview below:

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