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Dolphins Free Agent Signings: Insider Look at Brandon Gibson

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Yesterday, the Miami Dolphins signed free agent wide receiver Brandon Gibson. Ryan Van Bibber, the SBNation NFL editor and editor at Turf Show Times, a St. Louis Rams blog has agreed to give us an insiders take on what Brandon Gibson brinks to the table.

Ed Szczepanski

The Miami Dolphins signed free agent wide receiver Brandon Gibson yesterday, agreeing to a 3-year deal. The move fills a spot in the Dolphins' wide receiver corp.

The Editor of SB Nation's NFL site and Turf Show Times , Ryan Van Bibber, gave us an insight into what Dolphins fans should expect from Brandon Gibson. Many of you will remember Gibson from the Dolphins game versus the Rams last season.

Brandon Gibson frustrated Rams fans for four seasons. Some weeks, from play to play most of the time, he would flash some incredible talent, like the one-handed sideline grab he made against the Dolphins last season. Then he would disappear when the Rams offense needed him most.

Gibson can catch the ball well enough. His limitations are exposed with the ball in his hands, where he can't do much in the way of yards after the catch. Tight coverage tends to overwhelm him too. The Rams didn't play him in the slot much, but he might be alright in that role as just a guy who can catch a ball for a simple six-yard gain. With Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline getting most of the attention from opposing defensive backs, Gibson could be in the right situation as a third receiver.

A big thank you to Justin for taking the time to give us some insight in to Gibson and what he brings to the table. Keep up with all of the Ram's move this off season over at Turf Show Times.