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2013 Free Agency Grade: Miami Dolphins Fan Poll Edition

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While the NFL Free Agency period is far from over, the Miami Dolphins have made several moves already this year. How are fans reacting to those moves? Vote below to let us know what you think.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Dolphins have been busy this offseason. Coming into the start of the NFL's free agency period, the team had around $30 million in salary cap space, and they have been spending this year. But, how are fans reacting to the moves?

The Dolphins opened free agency by landing their top target this year, wide receiver Mike Wallace. The team then followed that by re-signing safety Chris Clemons and adding linebacker Dannell Ellerbe. Following Ellerbe's signing, the team released starting middle linebacker Karlos Dansby, a move to save some cap space as well as start the re-molding of the linebacker corps as a younger group.

After Dansby was released, the team added former Oakland Raiders linebacker Philip Wheeler. Like what happened with Dansby, the signing of a younger linebacker spelled doom for an older one, as the team released starting outside linebacker Kevin Burnett.

Since those signings, the Dolphins have slowed down, taking visits and, seemingly, waiting for Jake Long to make a decision.

Today, however, they did come away with tight end Dustin Keller, who agreed to a one year deal with the team.

Prior to the start of free agency, the team re-signed wide receiver Brian Hartline and backup quarterback Matt Moore, as well as franchise tagged defensive tackle Randy Starks.

The Dolphins have seen tight end Anthony Fasano and cornerback Sean Smith sign with the Kansas City Chiefs in free agency, as well as running back Reggie Bush sign with the Detroit Lions.

The team will likely continue to make moves in free agency, but, as a whole, had would you grade what the Dolphins have done this offseason so far?