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NFL Free Agency News: Dolphins Lose Anthony Fasano and Sean Smith to Chiefs

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On Tuesday, the Dolphins lost their tight end, Anthony Fasano, to the Kansas City Chiefs. Now, the Chiefs have also inked CB Sean Smith to a three-year deal. Kevin Nogle of The Phinsider shares his thoughts on the losses and what Miami's next moves in free agency may be.

The Miami Dolphins have been busy in free agency this year, but that doesn't mean the team is not losing players as well. Somehow, over the last three days, two of Miami's free agents have headed to the Kansas City Chiefs. Both tight end Anthony Fasano and cornerback Sean Smith were players the Dolphins would have liked to bring back to Miami, but both are headed to Missouri instead.

Fasano bolted almost immediately after the free agency period began on Tuesday. Fasano signed a four year, $16 million deal, with a $4.5 million signing bonus.

Smith disappeared from the free agent market for a couple of days, then resurfaced today as a member of the Chiefs. Rumored to be among the Chiefs interests prior to free agency, then thought to be ruled out by the Chiefs, it was just a matter of the team and Smith working out the deal. Smith signed a three year, $18 million deal, with $11 million guaranteed.

Here are my thoughts on the moves, and where the Dolphins are looking in free agency now.