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Sean Smith Disappears from Free Agent Market

As free agency opened, rumor after rumor of teams interested in Miami Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith materialized. Over the first two days, the market for the 2009 second round pick seems to have disappeared. Which brings us to the question - where is Smith?

Mike Ehrmann

I'd like to issue an all points bulletin on a 6'3", 220 pound, 25 year old, African-American male. He's athletically built and was last seen somewhere in the Miami-Dade County, Florida area. He is believed to be visiting with NFL franchises in an attempt to locate employment. If you, or your team, have seen this man, please contact us as soon as possible.

Sean Smith has gone missing. Okay, maybe not truly missing, but he sure isn't the hot commodity that all the pre-free agency rumors seemed to say he would be.

Smith is reportedly on a visit. Yet, it's not with any known NFL team. In fact, team after team seems to be addressing their cornerback need with someone else. The Denver Broncos have added Dominique Rodger Cromartie. The Detroit Lions kept Chris Houston. The Kansas City Chiefs grabbed Dunta Robinson before free agency began.

That's just the beginning. New York Giants? Aaron Ross. Carolina Panthers? Drayton Florence. Pittsburgh Steelers? William Gay. Philadelphia Eagles? BRadley Fletcher.

The Buffalo Bills kept Leodis McKelvin.

Maybe the Indianapolis Colts, who have the Dolphins' 2009 first round pick cornerback Vontae Davis, want to pair him with Miami's second round pick that year, Smith? Greg Toler and Darius Butler.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are said to have interest in Smith.

Well, that doesn't look good for Smith.

So, where is Smith, and where is his market?

Could he end up right back with the Dolphins? It's really beginning to look more and more likely.