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NFL Free Agency: Miami Dolphins Roster Snapshot After Day 1

Day 1 of Free Agency is Done....So Who Is On Our Roster Right Now? UPDATED to included Ellerbe's, Clemons', and Wallace's cap hits UPDATED a Second-time given the designation of Burnett and Dansby as Post June-1st releases, which impacts current cap levels


So after a rather eventful first day of free agency, I thought it'd be good to briefly go over what roster holes have been filled - and created - by our moves so far.

Included are how many players are currently signed, how many I 'project' we'll have on the final 53-man roster, and the value of this year's cap hit for each player, as well as how many years are left on each of the players' current deals.

Offense (27 players for 27 spots, $33.41 million in 2013 cap space committed):

Quarterback (3/3):

1. Ryan Tannehill ($2.879 million in 2013, 3 years)

2. Matt Moore ($2.500 million, 2 years)

3. Pat Devlin ($480,000, 1 year)

Summary - QB1, 2, and 3 looks set, and those players are unchanged from 2012 so far. Perhaps a late-round QB will be drafted to compete with Devlin, but otherwise, I don't foresee much in terms of future moves at QB this offseason.

Running back (4/4):

1. Lamar Miller ($601,500 in 2013, 3 years)

2. Daniel Thomas ($882,717, 2 years)

3. Jonas Gray ($480,000, 2 years)

4. RB/KR Marcus Thigpen ($482,500, 2 years)

Summary - Bush is likely to be signed by a new team very soon, and the Dolphins might try to sign a veteran (preferably good at pass protection) to join an otherwise very young group. A mid-to-late round draft pick at RB is also a possibility, but GM Jeff Ireland has made it clear that he's comfortable with relying on Miller and Thomas in the future.

Fullback (1/1):

1. Jorvorskie Lane ($480,000 in 2013, 2 years)

Wide Receiver (7/6):

1. Mike Wallace ($3.20 million, 5 years)

2. Brian Hartline ($2.115 million, 5 years)

3. Davone Bess ($3.433 million, 1 year)

4. Rishard Matthews ($493,403, 3 years)

5. Armon Binns ($480,000, 1 year)

Predicted Practice Squad Candidates (2)

6. Brian Tyms ($405,000, 2 years)

7. Jeff Fuller ($405,000, 2 years)

Summary - On this list, I only consider Hartline and Wallace to be completely safe candidates for roster spots in week 1 of the regular season. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reported the Dolphins were looking to upgrade WR3, which is bad news for Davone Bess (who is in the last year of his current deal). Still, I would guess no more expensive signings at this point due to other pressing needs, and competition/depth to be brought in through the draft.

Tight End (3/4):

1. Charles Clay ($583,250 in 2013, 2 years)

2. Michael Egnew ($652,239, 3 years)

3. _____________ (Formerly Anthony Fasano, signed with the Kansas City Chiefs)

4. _____________ (Formerly Jeron Mastrud, restricted free agent)

Predicted Practice Squad Candidates (1)

5. Kyle Miller ($480,000, 2 years)

Summary - Our upgrade plan was to pursue Jared Cook, but he decided to sign with the Rams. We likely still will try for a free agent signing, and there are also credible rumors the Dolphins intend to address TE in the first 3 rounds of the NFL draft (Gavin Escobar in particular is a prospect to watch). The best remaining free agents at TE include Dustin Keller, Brandon Myers, and Fred Davis. Given that we lost Fasano and the best remaining free agent TEs are poor blockers, there's a chance we bring back Mastrud, a blocking specialist.

Offensive Tackle (4/3):

1. LT/RT Jonathan Martin ($1.087 million in 2013, 3 years)

2. LT/RT ____________ (Formerly Jake Long, current unrestricted free agent)

3. Backup OT Will Yeatman ($555,000, 1 year)

Predicted Practice Squad Candidates (2)

4. Andrew McDonald ($405,000, 2 years)

5. Jeff Adams ($405,000, 2 years)

Summary - We've expressed some interest in retaining LT Jake Long, and some interest in free agent RT Eric Winston if we can't re-sign Long. Expect the team to either sign a veteran or use an early draft pick at OT.

Offensive Guard (3/3):

1. LG Ritchie Incognito ($5.383 million, 1 year)

2. RG John Jerry ($1.537 million, 1 year)

3. Backup G ___________ (Formerly Nate Garner, who is currently an unrestricted free agent)

Predicted Practice Squad Candidates (1)

4. Chandler Burden ($405,000, 2 years)

Summary - Given that both Jerry and Incognito are on the last year of their current deals, and the fact that Jerry showed up to training camp last year 20+ pounds overweight last year, I'd expect a mid-to-late round draft pick on a guard now that the top-tier guard free agents like Andy Levitre have been signed. The guard would likely compete against Jerry to start in 2013, and if he loses, he'd replace either Jerry or Incognito in 2014 (assuming at least one isn't re-signed).

Center (2/2):

1. Mike Pouncey ($2.525 million, 2 years)

2. Josh Samuda ($480,000, 2 years)

Summary - Same as 2012 so far, and arguably our strongest position.

Defense (28 players for 23 spots, $66.95 million committed in 2013 cap):

Defensive End (4/4):

1. Cameron Wake ($5.015 million in 2013, 4 years)

2. Jared Odrick ($1.940 million, 2 years)

3. Olivier Vernon ($669,520, 3 years)

4. Derrick Shelby ($483,333, 2 years)

Summary - Same as 2012 so far. Odrick told the Miami Herald he plans on losing 20+ pounds to improve his agility and speed as an edge-rusher if he remains a starting DE in 2013 since he struggled to get around athletic left tackles last year.

Defensive Tackle (4/4):

1. Randy Starks ($8.45 million, 1 year)

2. Paul Soliai ($7.875 million, 1 year)

3. Kheeston Randall ($495,612, 2 years)

4. _________ (Formerly Tony McDaniel, who is currently an unrestricted free agent)

Predicted Practice Squad Candidates (1)

5. Chas Alecxih ($405,000, 2 years)

Summary - Same as 2012 so far. The debate is over whether Odrick should be a full-time DT, DE, or split time at both positions like in 2012. If Odrick remains a starting DE, I'd expect a backup DT to be pursued in the draft to replace McDaniel.

Linebacker (8/6):

1. Dannell Ellerbe ($2.425 million, 5 years)

2. Phillip Wheeler ($2.400 million, 5 years)

3. Koa Misi ($1.87 million, 1 year)

4. Austin Spitler ($1.323 million, 1 year)

5. Jason Trusnik ($915,000, 2 years)

6. Josh Kaddu ($480,000, 3 years)

7. Karlos Dansby ($8.575 million, 0 years)

8. Kevin Burnett ($5.700 million, 0 years)

Predicted Practice Squad Candidates (2)

9. Lee Robinson ($480,000, 2 years)

10. Jonathan Freeny ($480,000, 1 year)

Summary - The official "surprise" of our free agency so far was the revamping of our linebacker corps. I would guess we're done making moves at LB for now with Kaddu being a potential successor to Misi in 2014. The reason why Dansby and Burnett still are on the list is because Ireland chose to designate them as Post-June 1st releases. That means that they count against our cap until June 1st, 2013, at which point, they'll formally come off our salary cap. The advantage of doing this is that their dead-money cap hit gets spread out over 2 years - 2013 and 2014 - instead of hitting only the 2013 salary cap. Between now and June 1st, though, it leaves us with around $8 million less in potential cap space.

Cornerback (6/5):

1. Richard Marshall ($5.767 million, 2 years)

2. Dimitri Patterson ($4.600 million, 2 years)

3. Nolan Carroll ($677,937, 1 year)

4. R.J. Stanford ($630,000, 1 year)

Predicted Practice Squad Candidates (2)

5. Julian Posey ($480,000, 1 year)

6. De'Andre Presley ($480,000, 2 years)

Summary - Cornerback is probably our most dire position at the moment, with offensive tackle and then tight end being issues #2 and #3. I'd expect a starting CB to be pursued in free agency (either Sean Smith or another veteran), plus an early draft pick (or 2) at CB as most of the current guys signed for 2013 are either practice squad guys or veterans who underperformed in 2012.

For example - Richard Marshall played poorly in a couple of games last season before missing the rest of 2012 with a blood clot in his back that required surgery; Nolan Carroll did well in training camp but was eventually demoted mid-season due to poor play; and Dimitri Patterson was waived by the Cleveland Browns just months after signing a 3-year extension in 2012 (which is never a good sign) before being claimed by the Dolphins off the waiver-wire. Those guys, as of right now, are our top-3 CBs.

Safety (4/4):

1. Reshad Jones ($1.363 million, 1 year)

2. Chris Clemons ($2.750 million, 1 year)

3. CB/S Jimmy Wilson ($566,475, 2 years)

4. Kelcie McCray ($408,333, 2 years)

Summary - Same as 2012 so far. McCray was a highly regarded UDFA in 2012 who missed the 2012 season due to injury. The fact that veteran starter Chris Clemons was only signed to a 1 year deal means the team could be looking to upgrade in 2014.

Special Teams (3/3, $5.75 million):

Kicker (1/1):

1. Dan Carpenter ($3.012 million, 1 year)

Punter (1/1):

1. Brandon Fields ($1.720 million, 4 years)

Longsnapper (1/1):

1. John Denney ($1.014 million, 1 year)

Summary - Same as 2012 so far. The team might bring in kicking competition for Carpenter, but otherwise, no moves expected.

Total Players Under Contract for 2013: 58 (including players likely competing for practice squad spots and Dansby and Burnett, who still count against the cap due to being designated "Post-June 1st releases")

Total Cap Commitments in 2013: Roughly $103.65 million + Dead Money

Dead money from cut players: $3.19 million (This number will go up after June 1st when Dansby and Burnett count as being released)

Cap Space Remaining: $123 million in 2013 cap + $5.3 million in 2012 cap rollover - Dead Money - Value of top-51 highest cap values (special offseason rules apply in cap calculation) =

= $123 million + $5.3 million - $3.19 million - $103.65 million = $21.46 million