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Insider Look at Philip Wheeler from Silver and Black Pride

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The Miami Dolphins signed former Oakland Raiders linebacker Philip Wheeler today, adding him to a completely revamped linebacking corps. To get an idea of what the Dolphins are getting in Wheeler, I turned to Levi Damien of SB Nation's Silver and Black Pride.

Jamie Squire

The Miami Dolphins added Philip Wheeler to their roster today, signing the free agent to a 5-year, $26 million contract. Half of the money is guaranteed.

After four seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, Wheeler played the 2012 season with the Oakland Raiders. He signed with the Raiders on a one year, $700,000 deal, and was seen as the team's top defender last year. The team, and their fan base, wanted to bring Wheeler back in 2013.

However, he is now headed to Miami, joining former Baltimore Ravens Dannell Ellerbe in a completely redesigned linebacker corps.

To get a better idea of what exactly Wheeler will bring to the Dolphins, I turned to SB Nation's Silver and Black Pride. Managing Editor Levi Damien explained:

Wheeler is a very smart player. He took over the green dot helmet last season to call out the defense on the field and the defense instantly improved. He is not as big as many strong side linebackers and his run stopping suffers some from it but he is a very solid tackler. With that lack of size comes good speed in coverage. He is not known for his pass rushing but he did manage to get in the backfield quite a bit last season. He led the team in tackles and was one of the few bright spots on this Raiders team. He signed a one-year deal knowing his opportunity in Oakland would allow him to showcase himself for a nice deal this offseason.

Thanks to Damien for taking the time to share his thoughts on Wheeler. The Dolphins will likely use him primarily for his coverage skills, which will work out perfectly.