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2013 NFL Free Agency: Miami Dolphins Free Agents

Obviously, the focus leading up to the start of free agency this week is on the players the Miami Dolphins may bring to town. However, the other side of the equation holds the players that could be leaving town. Here's a run down of those players.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Dolphins are in position to make a big splash when the 2013 NFL Free Agency period starts in a few hours. The team has around $30 million in cap space, with about $24 million of that available to sign veteran players to the roster. But, in order to make this much room - and generate this much excitement - there have to be a number of players getting ready to leave Miami as well. Here's a look at those players:

  • Reggie Bush, Running Back: Bush is coming off the best two seasons of his career, averaging over 1,000 yards and showing he can be a feature running back in a league that thought he had to be a change of pace, pass catching type of runner. The Dolphins seem ready to start second year running back Lamar Miller, and there appears to be zero chance of the team bringing Bush back. Possible Destinations: Detroit Lions, San Diego Chargers, Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Chris Clemons, Safety: Clemons is a un-spectacular, but good, safety. He's not going to dominate a game, but when you are looking for a player who will likely be in position to stop a big gain, or make a solid tackle, that's Clemons. Of course, I say that, and know Clemons was out of position or missed tackles last year too. He's not someone who is going to be in big demand, and could return to the Dolphins, but I have a feeling he signs elsewhere. Possible Destinations: Any team looking for a solid, probably depth, safety
  • Anthony Fasano, Tight End: The Dolphins will likely re-sign Fasano, who is a solid, all-around tight end. He's not going to beat coverage often, but he can give you a solid possession type receiver, and he is an exceptional blocking tight end. Possible Destinations: Miami Dolphins, New York Jets
  • Jake Long, Offensive Tackle: Long is the 2008 Draft's first overall pick. As he comes off his rookie contract, Long is thought to be looking for money paying him as one of the elite left tackles in the game. Unfortunately, Long's play has slipped the last couple of years - not enough to be a bad player, but not elite levels either. He's also dealt with a rash of injuries over the past few years, to include knees, back, shoulder, biceps, and triceps. Long will have suitors; it's just a matter of how much they are willing to pay. Possible Destinations: Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, St. Louis Rams
  • Sean Smith, Cornerback: Smith could be one of the top cornerbacks in the league, but his consistency is infuriating. One minutes, he's shutting a wide receiver down. The next minute, he's being burned so badly, Smith may as well have been standing still. The Dolphins have said they want to bring Smith back, but he seems to be asking for more money than the team will consider for the level of play he has given the team. Some franchise will take a flyer on Smith, falling in love with his size, and he will most likely move on this year. Possible Destinations: San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, Tampa Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins

Others (RFAs and ERFAs who do not receive a tender prior to the start of free agency become UFAs):

  • Jonathon Amaya, Safety (RFA - Not tendered)
  • Patrick Brown, Offensive Tackle (ERFA - Not tendered)
  • Nate Garner, Guard
  • Nate Kaeding, Kicker
  • Bryan McCann, Cornerback (RFA - Not tendered)
  • Tony McDaniel, Defensive Tackle
  • Jeron Mastrud, Tight End (RFA - Not tendered)
  • Marlon Moore, Wide Receiver (RFA - Not tendered)