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Miami Dolphins Free Agency Predictions: Your Chance to Play GM for a Day

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With the beginning of free agency set to begin in a matter of hours, which free agents would you like the Miami Dolphins to sign?

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You may have noticed in my last article that I provided everyone with a little word of caution about Jeff Ireland's ability to attract the very best free agents. Indeed, I even suggested that Ireland may not even be after the caliber of free agents that we all long to see in a Miami Dolphins uniform this year. For example, will it be Brandon Gibson, or Mike Wallace, scoring the touchdowns for Miami in 2013?

This article is an entirely different proposition altogether. Lets for one moment forget about the prospect of disillusionment, should we fail to attract the players that can change a game in an instant. Let us for a moment be optimistic in thinking the Dolphins really can become a playoff caliber team, with the right additions. Should we even dare to dream that the impossible can actually become the possible; that the Super Bowl can really be ours?

So lets cut to the point. Which free agents do YOU want the Dolphins to sign? Feel free to be as detailed as you like. You can even specify which positions you want Ireland to pursue in the draft, in order for everyone to better understand your free agency plans. And lets try to be as realistic as possible. The Dolphins have about $31 million left to spend this offseason. That amount includes the draft, too. Sure, you can cut players from the Dolphins roster in order to increase the cap space for your plans, but lets try and keep our spend within that $31 million bracket.

Now it's over to you. Which players would you like to sign? Which positions should be tackled in free agency? Do you think certain players aren't worthy of the contract they'll be sure to command? This is your chance to shine. Get the majority of your free agency wish list correct, and you'll get the bragging rights here on thephinsider for the entire season. Good luck. Let the games begin...