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Mike Wallace to the Dolphins "A done deal"?

Barring an unforeseen upset, the word on the street is that Mike Wallace will be joining the Dolphins as early as Tuesday.

Gregory Shamus

Overwhelming reports from ESPN, Sports Illustrated and USA Today have all been told that a deal taking Mike Wallace to South Beach is all but official. Wallace had drawn interest from a few other teams, including division rival New England, but after a report surfaced this weekend that Wallace prefers "warm weather", all talks of his new team seem to nail Miami as the only likely candidate.

This morning, the Palm Beach Post heard from someone they trust that Mike Wallace to Miami is a "done deal". So there's that...

It appears that Mike Wallace was agent #1 on Jeff Ireland's target list, and Miami could look to lock up the 26 year old, Ole Miss alum as early as Tuesday evening. Wallace gives Miami that playmaker they have been looking for and suddenly a Wallace/Hartline combo seems rather intriguing at receiver. Plus the Dolphins might not be done yet, looking to add additional receiver help in free agency and/or the draft.

So if the deal is all but official, sound off below and voice your usual comments of approval, disapproval or Ireland bashing.