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2013 NFL Free Agency: Safeties

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We are getting close to the start of the NFL Free Agency period. This year, we get the strange 72-hour negotiating window that started yesterday, with the signing period opening Tuesday. Over the next few days, we are going to build the list of free agents this year, eventually turning it into our site's free agency tracker for the year. This is the final part of the defense, the safeties.

Joel Auerbach

NFL Free Agency kicks off this week. To get ready, we will take a look at available players at every position, then build that list into a comprehensive tracker of free agent signings around the league. Today we continue with the defensive players, looking at the safeties:

Allen, Will UFA Steelers
Amaya, Jonathon RFA Dolphins
Anderson, Colt RFA Eagles
Barber, Ronde UFA Buccaneers
Bell, Yeremiah UFA Jets
Bigby, Atari UFA Chargers
Brown, Stevie RFA Giants
Bruton, David UFA Broncos
Byrd, Jairus UFA Bills Bills Franchised
Clemons, Chris UFA Dolphins
Considine, Sean UFA Ravens
Crocker, Chris UFA Bengals
Dahl, Craig UFA Rams
Delmas, Louis UFA Lions
Demps, Quintin UFA Texans
Elam, Abram UFA Chiefs
Frampton, Eric UFA Cowboys
Giordano, Matt UFA Raiders
Goldson, Dashon UFA 49ers
Hope, Chris UFA Falcons
Inhedigbo, James UFA Ravens
Johnson, Rashad UFA Cardinals
Landry, Dawan UFA Jaguars
Landry, LaRon UFA Jets
Leonhard, Jim UFA Broncos
Lynch, Corey UFA Chargers
Martin, Derrick UFA Patriots
Martin, Sherrod UFA Panthers
McBath, Darcel RFA 49ers
McCray, Danny RFA Cowboys
Miles, Jeromy RFA Bengals
Mitchell, Mike UFA Raiders
Moore, William UFA Falcons Falcons 5-year, $30 million
Mundy, Ryan UFA Steelers
Nolan, Troy UFA Bears
Peprah, Charlie UFA Cowboys
Phillips, Kenny UFA Giants
Quin, Glover UFA Texans
Reed, Edd UFA Ravens
Sanders, James UFA Cardinals
Sanford, Jamarca UFA Vikings
Sensabaugh, Gerald UFA Cowboys
Smith, Eric UFA Jets
Spievey, Amari RFA Lions
Stewart, Darian RFA Rams
Ventrone, Raymond UFA Browns
Williams, Madieu UFA Redskins
Wilson, Adrian UFA Cardinals
Woodson, Charles UFA Packers