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Dolphins Free Agents: Sean Smith looking for $8-10 million

Miami Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith is slated to be a free agent in March, when the 2013 NFL league year begins. Reports yesterday said Smith is looking for a contract paying him between $8 million and $10 million per year - money the Dolphins will have no interest in giving him.

Mike Ehrmann

The 2013 Miami Dolphins will look different than the 2012 version of the team. By now, we all know that and it's something that the team needs if they are going to take the next step forward. One of the areas the Dolphins will have a new look will be in the secondary, with the team needing to upgrade the cornerback position this offseason.

Add in the fact that cornerback Sean Smith will likely leave the team in free agency, and the secondary could be completely different in Miami next year. The Dolphins are thought to want to bring Smith back, but like other soon to be free agents Jake Long and Reggie Bush, it has to be at the team's price, not Smith's.

Smith is thought to be asking for a contract around $8 million to $10 million per season for five years. The Dolphins will have nothing to do with a number like that.

Some team out there will overpay for Smith, falling in love with his size, 6'3", 218 pounds, and the skill he showed early in 2012 when he shut down receivers like Larry Fitzgerald and A.J. Green. However, the Dolphins will look at the inconsistency Smith routinely displays. The team will look at the lack of interceptions from a cornerback who is constantly in position to force the turnover.

Smith's frustrating performances, including leading the league in first down and touchdown completions allowed this year, will keep the Dolphins from offering anything around the $8 million per year mark. But, it won't mean that Smith's camps won't ask for it. Between now and the start of free agency in March, it's a matter of how much will Smith come down on his demands if he wants to re-sign in Miami.

If not, the Dolphins will happily look to free agency and the draft to re-tool the secondary.