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Filed under:'s 'bold predictions' for the offseason include Dolphins writer Adam Rank released his six bold predictions for the offseason. While most of his predictions centered on the NFL Draft or on how tired we will all be of updates on Robert Girffin III's rehab, there were actually Miami Dolphins stories involved in two of the six predictions.

Matt Sullivan

The NFL offseason is getting started now, with speculation running rampant around all 32 league teams. writer Adam Rank published his look at the upcoming offseason, making six bold predictions for 2013. While the majority of the predictions focused on the NFL Draft, quarterbacks being declared elite, or Robert Griffin III's comeback, two of the six had ties to the Miami Dolphins.

Rank's number six prediction has the Cincinnati Bengals signing Miami running back Reggie Bush and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace. Of the move, Rank writes:

"The Bengals have a ton of cap space and I can't help but think of the words of Lyle Lanley who said, 'A town with money is a little like the mule with the spinning wheel. No one knows how he got it and danged if he knows how to use it.' So the Bengals make a splash with Bush and Wallace. Bush is actually a great fit for Red Dalton out of the backfield and Wallace will be extra motivated for two games a year."

Of course, the first part of the tie in the Bengals prediction is Bush, who spent the last two seasons, his career best two season span, with the Dolphins, but now appears headed to free agency. However, the Wallace signing also has a slight Miami tie, as many Dolphins fans are hoping that Wallace is headed to South Florida this offseason, rather than Ohio.

Rank then predicts moves for the Dolphins themselves in his fifth slot. According to Rank, Miami will sign two big name wide receivers in free agency, landing current Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings and former Miami, and current New England Patriots, wide out Wes Welker. Rank writes:

"The Dolphins are also flush with cash and in an attempt to recreate the Marks Brothers Miami goes for two of the biggest free agents out there. Jennings has long been rumored to be on the Dolphins' short list. But when Welker is let go by the Patriots (don't act surprised, the Patriots aren't a sentimental bunch), the Dolphins will look to right one of their biggest roster wrongs in recent years. Yes, because that always works."

Jennings to the Dolphins seems like a really good probability this offseason, as the wide out is unhappy in Green Bay, and has a relationship with former Packers offensive coordinator and current Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin. The Welker move would be an interesting one for the Dolphins. The team has a good-to-great slot receiver in Davone Bess already, however Welker has transcended the "slot receiver" position, and could line up outside. He also has a ton of yards after the catch, which is what an west coast offense like Miami's needs. Could make sense, but would the Dolphins go after their former player?

What do you think of the moves? Do they make sense? Would you be happy with a Jenning and Welker offseason?