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Dolphins Facing Seventh Toughest Schedule in 2013

The NFL released the strength of schedules for all 32 teams in 2013. Using each opponent's 2012 season record, the Carolina Panthers have the toughest schedule next year, while the Denver Broncos will have the easiest path to the Super Bowl. The Miami Dolphins will come in with the seventh toughest schedule next year.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the NFL published a ranking of all 32 teams, based on the strength of schedule they will face in 2013. Using last season's records for every opponent a team will meet next year, the NFL ordered the entire league from toughest schedule down to weakest, or the Carolina Panthers facing a schedule with a .543 winning percentage last year, down to the Denver Broncos's strength of schedule at .430.

The Miami Dolphins will face the league's seventh toughest schedule, tied with the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers with a .520 strength of schedule. The Dolphins' will face the Buffalo Bills (6-10), New England Patriots (12-4), and New York Jets (6-10) twice in 2013, for a combined record of 48-48. The Dolphins will also face the Baltimore Ravens (10-6), Cincinnati Bengals (10-6), Cleveland Browns (5-11), Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8), Atlanta Falcons (13-3), Carolina Panthers (7-9), New Orleans Saints (7-9), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-9), San Diego Chargers (7-9), and Indianapolis Colts (11-5) in 2013, bringing the total combined record of all opponents to 133-123.

Around the rest of the AFC East, the Patriots have the 12th hardest schedule next year (.508), the Jets are 19th (.496), and the Bills are 25th (.473).

The league will announce the official week-to-week schedule for the 2013 season this spring.