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Kiper-saurus is back with an updated 2013 mock draft

It's only been three weeks since Mel "Don't call me Rowdy Roddy" Kiper released his first mock draft of the 2013 pre-draft season. However, in an attempt to keep up with fellow analyst Todd McShay's higher volume of mock drafts (his projection season begins in mid-December), Kiper this morning posted a brand spanking new first-round projection. How's that for a quick turnaround?

Tennessee's Cordarrelle Patterson was death from above for defenses in 2012, but where does he fit in Mel Kiper's updated 2013 mock draft?
Tennessee's Cordarrelle Patterson was death from above for defenses in 2012, but where does he fit in Mel Kiper's updated 2013 mock draft?
Kevin C. Cox

Mel Kiper Jr. isn't typically one for shock value, but the updated 2013 NFL mock draft he posted earlier today is just chock-full of twists "WTF?" selections. Most surprising, of course, is Mel's continuing insistence that draft night will come and go without any quarterback selections (he does mention that a team could trade back into the first round to get its guy, but even that's not saying much). He's also higher than most on this year's receiver class, and has three prospects slated to come off the board in the first round (one of those prospects is ... wait for it ... Louisiana Tech's Quinton Patton). And like McShay, Kiper is currently drinking the Sharrif Floyd kool-aid (both analysts believe the former Gator defensive tackle is a mid-first-round selection).

Some other points to note from Kiper's updated 2013 mock draft:

-Manti Te'o's name is a virtual four-letter word for some scouts and analysts right now, but not Mel--he thinks the former Notre Dame linebacker will go to Tampa Bay at No. 13. Interesting.

-Mel believes the Jets need to overhaul much of their roster, and suggests kicking off the reno process at No. 9 overall with Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan. I could certainly do without that selection. No, thanks.

-Rumors of Georgia outside linebacker Jarvis Jones' draft slide may be greatly exaggerated--Mel has him landing Detroit at No. 5.

-As mentioned above, Mel sees Patton going to Houston at No. 27. I like The General as much as anyone on this site, but holy hell, that's a high pick for him.

The Dolphins' selection? Oh, right. How could I forget? Drum roll, please ...

Miami Dolphins - Cordarrelle Patterson, WR Tennessee

"This is where I projected Patterson the first time around, and I still like it. The question is whether Patterson will still be around this far down the board. The Dolphins need pass-catching help for Ryan Tannehill, mainly of the impact variety. They need a legit matchup problem," Kiper said. "Patterson had just one year in the SEC after spending two years at the junior-college level, but he's got the skill set you want for a pick this high. Very good hands, he can beat cornerbacks with his height and strength, and he'll beat defenders for 50-50 balls. He can hurt you after the catch, and the value makes sense."

Well, much like the top picks in this updated mock, the Dolphins' selection remains unchanged from Kiper's initial mid-January projection. It's hard to see the Dolphins passing on a slew of talented cornerbacks (as well as Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro, who McShay currently has going to Miami at No. 12) in order to draft Patterson That said, the former Vol does bring a heap of speed, size and vision to the table, and his standing as a bona-fide playmaker does make him an attractive first-round prospect for a Dolphins team that needs a whole lot of weapons in its receiver corps. Tough call, and I am glad I am not the one making it.

Those of you who subscribe to ESPN Insider can read the rest of Kiper's updated 2013 mock draft here.