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Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill speaks with Jorge Sedano

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill spoke with Jorge Sedano on Tuesday and discussed his rookie year, his favorite teammate, the NFL divisions and more.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill appeared with Jorge Sedano on 560 WQAM Tuesday, talking about life in Big Spring, Texas, as well as his rookie year with the Dolphins. Tannehill was the first Dolphins quarterback to start every game of his rookie campaign, after the team selected him with the eighth overall pick in last April's NFL Draft.

After talking to Sedano about Texas high school football, including Tannehill's estimate that 8,000 people in a town of 25,000 would be at the Friday night football games each week, as well as Tannehill discussing playing safety his first two years in high school before becoming a Wing-T, option quarterback for his junior and senior years, the talk did turn to the Dolphins. Sedano asked Tannehill what his biggest challenge was this past season:

"I wouldn't say there was one big challenge that jumps off at me," Tannehill explained. "It's just a learning process throughout the entire season. I feel like I learned something in every game that I played. I got more confidence with every start that I made. And we grew as a team, throughout the year. Obviously, if you look back early on I wish we could have won a couple of those close games that went to overtime early and then games we lost right down at the end, right after that. We learned from those experiences and are looking forward to next year when we are put in the same situation and can come out with the 'W.'"

Sedano then asked if Tannehill ever had a "welcome to the NFL" type of moment.

"Yeah I think so," replied Tannehill. "It was in Houston, first game of the year. We were kind of backed up. I think we were about on our 15- or 20-yard line and J.J. Watt hit me square in the chest. That was my ‘Welcome to the NFL moment.' When I went off to the side and looked at Matt Moore and said, ‘Alright, I guess I am in the NFL now.' He just laughed and kind of gave me some crap about it."

Sedano followed it up, asking if Watt said anything to him after the hit. "He probably did a some dance, or stood over me a little," Tannehill laughed. "I was just trying to get myself back together."

The conversation then turned to the rest of the NFL, and if players from other teams would say anything because Tannehill was a rookie. "It's kind of crazy," Tannehill explained." You don't hear much going on, at least I didn't. I'm always tuned into the play call and tuned into what I am trying to get going on our side of the ball, so I never really heard, especially once we are at the line of scrimmage or anything like that , anything that is said from the other side. It could be whenever you scramble downfield. You are just kind of running back side by side to the huddle together and guys will get a word or two in, but for the most part I don't hear too many things going on."

However, Tannehill did admit that being a rookie in the Dolphins' locker room is a little different story. ""It's constant. The guys in the locker room - we have a great locker room - guys who like to have fun. And you try to make the best of every situation. So, you got guys like Richie [Incognito] and [Anthony] Fasano and Jake [Long], all those guys will take shots, especially at rookies and especially early on - you know, going back to OTAs and camp and things like that. They definitely try to make you pay."

Tannehill would go on to talk about Incognito being one of his favorite players on the team, his own musical choices, who the team picks on the most, who stares at themselves in the mirror, who gets more attention when he goes out him or his wife Lauren, as well as the humorous side of head coach Joe Philbin. Check out the entire 18 minute interview on the Sedano Show's archive - including Tannehill saying he does now know the divisions in the NFL, and that he pees sitting down (for Lauren, of course).