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Super Bowl Lights Go Out, Oreo Wins The Twitter Comments

When the lights go down in...well, in New Orleans, during the Super Bowl, Twitter of course erupts into bad puns, funny jokes, and more. But, through out the 34 minute power outage, Oreo came away with the win.


The Super Bowl was delayed 34 minutes early in the third quarter tonight, when power was lost to half of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Split nearly straight down the middle, lights were completely lost, and most of the stadium was plunged into darkness. Because we are an instant communication, social media type of world, Twitter immediately exploded as people sent out jokes, puns, and pointed out that, at least in the rain in Sun Life Stadium, the game could still be played.

But, through it all, it's Oreo that came away with the win. In a great moment of quick thinking, fast production, and social media usage, Oreo sent out this tweet:

Simple and to the point, the tweet was quickly retweeted all over Twitter (9,291 times within 30 minutes, 2,571 favorites). Whatever employee thought of this should immediately get a raise.