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Super Bowl 2013 Schedule, TV, Stream, Odds, and More

We've finally made it to Super Bowl Sunday. It's time for all the hype, the press conferences, and all the other, extra stuff to come to an end and the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers to actually get on the field and play for the Lombardi Trophy. To make sure you don't miss anything about the game, here's one last look at all the pertinent data.

Rob Carr

Super Bowl XLVII
San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

The talk is finally winding down, and we can turn our attention to actual football. Of course, we will all still get to hear about the Harbaughs and Ray Lewis during the game, but at least there's actually something happening on the field.

Since this is a Miami Dolphins blog, here are the latest stats on days since the Dolphins:

  • Last Playoff Appearance: 1,492 days (January 4, 2009 loss to the Baltimore Ravens)
  • Last Playoff Win: 4,419 days (December 30, 2000 win over the Indianapolis Colts)
  • Last Super Bowl Appearance: 10,242 days (January 20, 1984 loss to the San Francisco 49ers)
  • Last Super Bowl Win: 14,267 days (January 13, 1974 win over the Minnesota Vikings)

A look back at the strange headlines from the two week buildup to tonight's game included homophobia, deer antler spray, infidelity, the greatest receiver of all time, and denials of PEDs. And that's not even taking in the Harbaugh brothers facing off tonight, Ray Lewis in his last game ever, Ed Reed in his first Super Bowl, Randy Moss trying to win a Super Bowl, Joe Flacco being elite, and, of course, Bourbon Street.

We say Adrian Peterson become the league MVP, Robert Griffin III the Rookie of the Year, Russell Wilson the other Rookie of the Year, offensive coordinator-turned-interim-head-coach Bruce Arians the Coach of the Year, and J.J. Watt swat his way to the Defensive Player of the Year award.

We've finally reached the game. Which means, it's time to talk about commercials, food, halftime, and, maybe, a little football. We'll see if the football reaches a level to bust through all the other things going on.

Hopefully it will.