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Super Bowl Commercials: The best and worst from last year, What to expect this year

With ratings that no other sporting event can hope to match, the Super Bowl has the entire planet - and even those not currently on the planet - watching. With so many people watching the game, the commercials become a major part of the day. Here's a look at some of my favorite commercials from last year, as well as a few of the ones you will see tonight.

Chris Trotman

2012 Super Bowl Commercials - The Best:

Hopefully most of you understood this commercial. Some of you probably didn't and hate it because of that. If you did not understand it, watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off and it will all make so much more sense.

Funny commercial. That dog really wants to chase that VW. Plus, Darth Vader chokes someone. All good.

This one was well done - and that baby is awesome.

We didn't see this commercial, because it was a Canadian spot druing last year's game, but this is absolutely awesome.

I think just about everyone considered this the top commercial from last Super Bowl. It was a two minute clip featuring Clint Eastwood that aired at...well...halftime.

2012 Super Bowl Commercials - The Worst:

Normally, the Coke Polar Bears are good. They come up with some pretty funny/cute/emotional things, most of the time. Unfortunately, this one wasn't one of those times. This is simply boring.

Sorry Go Daddy. While your over the top, sex symbol style typically works, this one was bad.

2013 Super Bowl Commercials:

I've already heard people saying this commercial is racist, and stereotypical of Jamaican people. If anyone feels offended by it, then I am sorry - but it's pretty funny. Another good job by Volkswagen to entertain, all surrounded by the Beetle.

Set Rogan and Paul Rudd try to figure out what they cannot say during a Super Bowl commercial...including "Super Bowl." Awesome job by Samsung.

Kate Upton. Soap. Water. And, I think there's a car in there somewhere as well.

Decent Go Daddy commercial this year. Danica Patrick showing up for roughly .5 seconds was strange. But, don't worry, Go Daddy will still go way over the top with their other ad.

Told you. Over the top. Just creepy. Don't need to see that kiss - especially that close. Add in the fact that it took over 60 takes to get the kiss right, and "Walter" may be the smartest man alive.