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NFL Salary Cap Could Be Over $123 Million

The NFL salary cap was expected to stay around the $121 million mark. Today, a report states, the value could inflate by a couple of million more.

Jonathan Daniel

The NFL Salary Cap for 2013 could be more than anyone expected. In December and early January, reports indicated that the cap would stay nearly equal to the 2012 version, roughly $121 million per team. Then, a couple of weeks ago, reports started to surface that the number may actually be a little over $122 million.

Today, Pro Football Talk's Mike Forio is reporting that the salary cap may actually climb over the $123 million per team mark.

While that's still less than a 2% increase from last year, giving every team an extra $2 million could have significant impact when it comes to free agency this year.

For the Miami Dolphins, who already have the third most cap space in the NFL in 2013, an extra $2 million could be the space they need to re-sign one of their own players, like left tackle Jake Long, wide receiver Brian Hartline, running back Reggie Bush, cornerback Sean Smith, or defensive tackle Randy Starks. It could also give the Dolphins the money needed to land multiple big name free agents, using the extra space to slide signing bonuses under the cap this year.

The salary cap will not be officially set by the league until the new league year starts on March 12. But, as long as it keeps going up, it's not a bad thing.