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Jarvis Jones Removed from Draft Boards?

Last week, reports cleared Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones to continue his career in the NFL, despite spinal stenosis. However, now a report has surfaced that teams may be taking Jones completely off their draft boards, rather than bet on the health risk for Jones.

Ed Zurga

NFL draft prospect Jarvis Jones could find himself sliding down draft boards - or even completely off of them - despite receiving medical clearance that should allow him to continue playing football, moving up to the professional ranks. Jones has spinal stenosis, or a narrowing of the spine. Without adding the rigors of really big men hitting each other with their bodies, spinal stenosis can cause pain throughout the back and legs, falling, clumsiness, difficulty walking, and numbness.

Add in the hits the NFL will add to Jarvis' life, and his diagnosis, no matter how the doctors have "cleared" him could easily cause teams to stay away from the Georgia linebacker. According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, that's exactly what seems to be happening. Florio writes, "While some team surely will be willing to roll the dice on one of the top defensive players in the draft pool, multiple teams already have decided to avoid him."

Florio explains that several teams are removing Jones from their draft board altogether, rather than risking the millions of dollars and draft pick on a player who could find himself out of the league quicker than anyone wants.

Unfortunately, Jones is not working out at the Combine this week, instead waiting until his Pro Day.

Where do the Dolphins stand on Jones? We won't know unless Jones falls down draft boards to the 12th pick. Of course, the way Florio is sounding, that could be a likelihood.