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New York Jets Cut Calvin Pace, Bart Scott, Others

The New York Jets have spent the the last few years, well, spending. After winning the offseason Super Bowl every year since Rex Ryan arrived, the Jets now find themselves well over the anticipated salary cap and having to release players. Yesterday, those cuts began.

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Jets are in a salary cap mess. They have thrown big dollar contracts at players, hoping to hit it big and win a Super Bowl. Unfortunately for them (and VERY fortunately for us as Miami Dolphins fans), they were never able to reach the NFL's title game, and now are in the neighborhood of $20 million over the cap next season.

Which brings us to yesterday's blood-letting. The Jets started clearing their books with the release of five players, including linebackers Bart Scott and Calvin Pace. The moves should free up enough space for the Jets to be under the salary cap, with some funds still available for draft pick signings.

Along with Pace and Scott, the Jets also released tackle Jason Smith, safety Eric Smith, and tight end Josh Baker. According to SB Nation's Gang Green Nation, the Jets could be looking to re-sign Eric Smith for the veteran minimum. They also speculate that the move to release Baker could be a sign that the knee injury he suffered is more severe than originally believed.

For more on the releases, check out Gang Green Nation's story.