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Packers WR Greg Jennings Talks With Jesse Agler About Free Agency

The Miami Dolphins need a wide receiver this year. Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings is set to be a free agent. The speculation that Jennings could be headed to Miami has been around since before the 2012 season even started. Jennings spoke with Finsiders lead man Jesse Agler yesterday at the Super Bowl - and clearly did nothing to quiet the rumors.

Nick Laham

Unless you missed the entire 2012 Miami Dolphins, it should not come as a shock that the team needs wide receiver help. Dolphins fans have fallen in love with the idea of the team pursuing soon to be free agent wide receiver Greg Jennings. The Green Bay Packers seem set to let Jennings leave and Miami's head coach is Green Bay, and Jennings', former offensive coordinator Joe Philbin.

This seem to make sense, at least for those of us watching the team each week.

Yesterday, and Finsiders radio host Jesse Agler caught up with Jennings at the Super Bowl. While Jennings made sure to discuss hos Old Spice sponsorship, it's what Jennings said about free agency, and the Dolphins in particular, that is notable for Miami fans.

Agler asked Jennings about his former offensive coordinator, bringing a smile to Jennings' face. "He's one of my favorite coaches," Jennings said. "Obviously he jokes a lot, little subtle things here and there, but he's a great coach to have. He was a great coach to play for. He's one of those guys that you can have a relationship outside of football. As a player you admire a coach when he actually opens himself up like that."

After the two agreed that Philbin has a very dry sense of humor, Agler asked about the upcoming free agency opportunity and how Jennings is doing. "Physically, I feel great. Where I am, my position, my status, I feel really great about it. Being a free agent, having the opportunity to be sought after."

Turning to face the camera, Jennings added, "Joe, how you doing? Remember me?"

Jennings then turned back to Agler and continued, "It's great. Obviously, Green Bay can kind of dictate what happens, I can't control that. But they know how I feel about the organization, Joe knows how I feel about him. As far as change, I've prepared my family for change. Wherever I end up, if it's outside of Green Bay, I've prepared my family for change, we're ready to be great wherever we go."

The speculation about Jennings being great in Miami will continue, with a little more emphasis with statements like this from the wideout.

You can watch the interview here.