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SB Nation Super Bowl History Series: Roller Coaster of Memories for Miami Dolphins Fans

With the Super Bowl just days away, Kevin Nogle of The Phinsider takes fans on a stroll down memory lane as he revisits the roller coaster ride that was the Dolphins' five Super Bowl appearances that capped the 1971, '72, '73, '82, and '84 seasons.

As we start the final build up for the 2013 Super Bowl, it's time to stop and take a look back at the Miami Dolphins' history in the championship game. Of course, when you are winning the game just 40% of the time you make it, it's not always a happy stroll down memory lane, but at least the Dolphins have been to the title game - right?

Obviously, we start with the Dolphins' first trip, after the 1971 season - Super Bowl VI. Just six years after coming into existence, the Dolphins were facing the Dallas Cowboys for a chance at being NFL Champions. Unfortunately, Dun Shula and Bob Griese were not to get it done in their first shot at the title.

The Dolphins responded - and that's an understatement - in 1972. Despite being a perfect 16-0 heading into Super Bowl VII, Miami was the underdog to the Washington Redskins. The team nearly locked up the 17-0 score in route to their 17-0 record, but Garo Yepremian's ill-fated pass attempt gave the Redskins hope near the end of the game. Fortunately, the Dolphins would finish the game, and the NFL's only Undefeated Season.

Miami was back after the 1973 season, the first team to make three straight Super Bowls. The Dolphins would face the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl VIII and, while the team was not looking to complete a perfect record this year, many people felt the team itself was better. Miami would dominate the game, and score their second Super Bowl championship.

After the 1982 season, Miami once again made it to the Super Bowl, again facing the Redskins. This time, the Dolphins would come up on the short end of the stick, with the Redskins coming away with their first Super Bowl Championship.

Two years later, the Dolphins returned to the Super Bowl for their fifth attempt at the Lombardi Trophy, and Dan Marino's first - and ultimately only - try. The San Francisco 49ers would dominate Super Bowl IX, sending the Dolphins back to Florida to try to figure out what they could do to return to the title game, and unfortunately, they still haven't figured it out.

Make sure you check out the video above.