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NFL Draft Prospects 2013: Keenan Allen Scouting Report

While the NFL Draft is still two months away, the NFL Scouting Combine kicks off this week. While the prospects get ready to prove themselves at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, here's a more in depth look at wide receiver Keenan Allen, from our friends over at Mocking the Draft.

Ezra Shaw

Yesterday, we took a look at Mocking the Draft's most recent projection for April's NFL Draft. With that update, Dan Kadar continues to see the Miami Dolphins selecting wide receiver Keenan Allen from California. To get a better idea of what Allen would bring to the Dolphins, here's a look at Mocking the Draft's scouting report by Matthew Fairburn.

Allen, who Fairburn describes as the "top draft-eligible wide receiver in the 2013 NFL Draft." is 6'3", 210 pounds. He caught 61 passes for 737 yards in 2012, after 98 receptions for 1,343 yards as a sophomore.

Fairburn take a look at some of the pros for Allen, writing:

"Allen is one of the most dangerous receivers in the country after the catch. His athleticism is evident, but it's his ability to make people miss and run through tackles that is particularly impressive. Allen has moves like a running back, displays excellent pad level and even has a fair amount of vision once the ball is in his hands. The Cal junior is also a very physical receiver. He has shown the ability to make the tough catch over the middle, consistently getting outstanding body position on cornerbacks and finding ways to out muscle defenders."

However, not everything is great about Allen. In his cons about Allen, Fairburn writes:

"Although Allen can make some tough catches due to an impressive catch radius, he is not a consistent enough hands catcher at this point. Drops plagued him again during his junior campaign and will continue to until he gets more comfortable relying on his hands. Allen needs to drop the habit of letting passes get into his body."

Fairburn goes on to compare Allen to Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, explaining:

"Both Dez Bryant and Keenan Allen aren't true burners down the field but have excellent athleticism and are very physical wideouts. Allen also has some of the same issues with drops, though he hasn't shown any of the immaturity Bryant has early in his career."

Check out the full scouting report on Allen here.