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NFL Adding Second Aptitude Test to Combine

The NFL has long used the Wonderlic test to measure potential draft prospects' aptitude. While the test continually is criticized and questioned, the fact that it has been a part of the NFL Scouting Combine for so long makes it hard for the league to remove. Starting this year, however, the Wonderlic will not be the only aptitude test taken by the invitees.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The NFL has announced that the long-used Wonderlic Test, taken by potential draft prospects at the annual Scouting Combine, will now have a sister aptitude test. The new test, as described by reporter Albert Breer, will not replace the Wonderlic, but will be used along side it.

The Wonderlic was originally brought to the NFL by Dallas Cowboys head coach Tom Landry as a way to measure the intelligence of potential draft prospects. The test is routinely criticized as being unreliable, especially when it comes to predicting NFL success. Every year, some player's draft stock is hurt when he scores low on the test, especially in the media when the "secret" results of the Wonderlic test are leaked.

The test was designed, according to National Football Scouting president Jeff Foster, with a university professor, Breer states, and the hopes are that it's "something a little more evolved than the Wonderlic."