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Filed under: includes Pouncey, Jones on its All-Under-25 team's Elliot Harrison recently unveiled his All-Under-25 team, the likes of which include two (yes, multiple) Dolphins players.

Good news, Reshad: You're a member of's All-Under-25 team. Get excited!
Good news, Reshad: You're a member of's All-Under-25 team. Get excited!
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Still feeling uneasy about Jeff Ireland's decision to draft center Mike Pouncey with the No. 15 selection in 2011? How about the Dolphins' personnel at safety?'s Elliot Harrison thinks Miami is A-OK on both counts.

Harrison earlier this week unveiled his All-Under-25 team, a roster that included star-studded names such as Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, Bengals receiver A.J. Green, Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller. Dolphins fans should note that Pouncey and Jones both cracked Harrison's list.

The Mike Pouncey selection is somewhat surprising, as his twin brother Maurkice typically gets the nod in any best-of center category (unfairly so, I might add). The All-Under-25 list, unlike Pro Bowl voting, recognizes Mike as the better and more consistent talent of the two sibling. Bazinga.

"Mike and Maurkice Pouncey are both stud centers, but the nod here goes to the less-heralded twin," Harrison wrote. "He is particularly strong in pass protection, allowing just 1.25 sacks all season."

Sing it, Elliot! Maybe Pouncey was worth the No. 15 selection after all.

Dolphins fans who thought Jones was worthy of a Pro Bowl nod last season (and he was) will appreciate his inclusion on the All-Under-25 list.

"Jones was the subject of the most research for this piece," Harrison wrote. "What I uncovered was a high-quality season. Jones recorded 73 solo tackles and four picks, allowing just 21 receptions."

Gimme a "hell yeah!" And just because I know you're curious, Jones' secondary mates on Harrison's All-Under-25 list are Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas. Pretty decent company, no?

You can check out the complete version of Harrison's All-Under-25 list here.