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Read-option offense will bring its talents to South Beach

The Miami Dolphins will implement a read-option scheme into its offense next season, because that's what you do when your quarterback is a 4.5 guy and a former receiver.

"Oh, right, our quarterback is really f'n fast. Silly us."
"Oh, right, our quarterback is really f'n fast. Silly us."
Bob Levey

Dolphins fans who clamored throughout last season for the team to run some read-option plays for then-rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill have a reason to rejoice.

According to Sports Illustrated's Jamey Eisenberg, the Dolphins earlier this week disclosed that they will bring in a read-option scheme for Tannehill next season. Miami's decision to implement the scheme could be a result of the impressive ground yardage quarterbacks Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick accumulated via zone-read plays last season (815 and 415 yards, respectively). Or maybe the Dolphins simply watched this clip of Tannehill running through Oklahoma State like wildfire, and thought, "What the hell were we thinking by not giving this guy a healthy number of read-option plays last season?" Of course, Tannehill's considerable development as a pocket passer last season might've convinced the Dolphins' coaching staff to hold off on the read-option material. And the knee bruise he suffered midway through the 2012 season probably didn't help his dual-threat standing, either.

Regardless, Tannehill's durability will come more into next season when the Dolphins remove his leash and allow him to to use his 4.5 speed to challenge defenses. Remember, he's a former receiver, and he did plenty of work over the middle for the Aggies, so it's not like he's afraid of getting tagged by an overly opportunistic defender. That said, it's OK for Dolphins fans to pray that Tannehill uses some of this offseason to improve at sliding feet-first.