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Could the Miami Dolphins pursue Minnesota WR Percy Harvin?

The Miami Dolphins need wide receiver help. Reports have surfaced that the Minnesota Vikings are looking to trade wide receiver Percy Harvin this offseason. Could the two teams work out a deal sending the slot receiver to the Dolphins? Should the Dolphins go after Harvin?


According to a WCCO Radio and CBS4 report, the Minnesota Vikings are actively pursuing a trade of wide receiver Percy Harvin. According to the report, the Vikings and Harvin have reached the point of divorce following an in season incident in which Harvin blew up at Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier. The Vikings then placed Harvin, who was rehabbing an ankle injury, on injured reserve, ending his season, and likely his career with the team.

Harvin's meltdown happened in front of teammates, and mirrored an incident he had with former coach Brad Childress a couple of seasons ago. The Vikings have taken a stand against Harvin, and are determined to be "less tolerant" of similar incidents in the future.

Now, it appears they are looking to deal Harvin. According to an ESPN 1500 report, at least one NFL personnel man has commented on Harvin's trade value. Based on Harvin's history, as well as the contract extension that would have to be signed, the source stated that the market trade value for Harvin would be a second- or third-round pick.

Of course, any report of a receiver being on the market will immediately lead to speculation that the Miami Dolphins, who need wide receiver help this offseason, will be in the market. The Dolphins have extra second-round and third- round picks this year, and have the cap room to offer Harin the contract extension he could want (expected to be around $10 million per season).

But would the Dolphins make that move? Should Miami make that move?

Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin has already shown a desire to not deal with baggage-laden players like wide receiver Brandon Marshall. The Dolphins shipped the oft-troubled receiver to the Chicago Bears at the start of last year's free agency period. Would Philbin take on a receiver who has, reportedly, had meltdowns with two different coaches over the span of just a few years?

The Dolphins have an exceptional slot receiver in Davone Bess. While Harvin adds to the weapons Bess possesses, and is probably the best slot receiver in the league, do the Dolphins need to add a slot wide out, or should they look for a bigger bodied (Harvin is 5', 1", 184 lbs.), red zone threat type receiver?

Comparing the two wide receivers over the past four years:

Player '09 Rec '09 Yds '09 TDs '10 Rec '10 Yds '10 TDs '11 Rec '11 Yds '11 Tds '12 Rec '12 Yds '12 TDs
Harvin 60 790 6 71 868 5 87 967 6 62 677 3
Bess 76 758 2 79 820 5 51 537 3 61 778 1

Miami has around $50 million in salary cap space this offseason. They could afford a $10 million contract to Harvin. However, would they really want to pay that amount to Harvin, given his baggage and the similar performance they already get from Bess?

While the idea of adding Harvin is attractive, it's mostly that way because he is a splashy name. He's not going to be the answer to the Dolphins wide receiver gap, and how long until his issue with coaches erupts again with Philbin?

I don't see the Dolphins making this move, and, I don't think they should.

Of course, feel free to agree or disagree in the comments below.