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Reggie Bush "Surprised" No Offer from Dolphins Yet

Miami Dolphins running back, and soon to be free agent, Reggie Bush has not made any secret of the fact that he wants to return to the Dolphins next year. He has stated it on Twitter, re-tweeted comments from fans that say he should be back with the team, and has told the media, he wants to be in Miami next year. However, the Dolphins have not made a move to bring back their leading rusher.

Joel Auerbach

The Miami Dolphins appear ready to go forward with a running back stable headlined by Lamar Miller, with Daniel Thomas as the primary backup. That move, however, would leave Reggie Bush, the starter the last two seasons, on the outside looking in, despite having the best statistical seasons of his seven year career over that span. Bush has openly stated that he wants to return to the Dolphins in 2013, but the team does not appear to be eager to bring the 2006 second overall draft pick.

According to a report from the Palm Beach Post's Ben Voling, Bush's camp is surprised they have not yet received an offer from the Dolphins.

Of course, not making an offer before now does not mean the team will not make one at some point. Bush is a weapon, and could be a dangerous one, if used correctly. However, the Dolphins are expecting a big season out of Miller next year, and are not going to overpay Bush. The team could be waiting to see what Bush's value on the free agent market is before making him an offer - something they seem to be doing with some other potential free agents.

Bush ran for 2,072 yards in his two seasons with the Dolphins, just 18 yards shy of his 5-year total with the New Orleans Saints. He carried the ball 443 times with 12 touchdowns, averaging 4.7 yards per carry. He also had three receiving touchdowns with Miami.