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The Phinsider wants you for its semiweekly FA/draft roundtable

As the 2013 NFL Draft draws near, The Phinsider will begin to host a semiweekly free agent and draft roundtable. There's just one thing missing: you, the fan.

As a way to further promote the voice and opinions of Phinsider members, Duke and I this week will kick off the semiweekly series, Phinsider Roundtable. The purpose of this new series is to allow you, the loyalest of Dolphins fans, to participate in a small-group discussion with Kevin, Chris, Martin, Brian N. and yours truly. The idea is that we'll select two Phinsider members for each 60-minute roundtable, and then transcribe the entire interview for everyone here to read and (hopefully) enjoy. As of right now, we're leaning toward hosting the chat on Facebook, but Google+ Hangout is also an option (as always).

If you're interested in doing a free agency/draft roundtable with us, say so in the comment section. You'll then receive an email with further instructions (cryptic, right?).

Happy pre-draft season, everyone!