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Ted Ginn Jr. Has "No Regrets" About Time With Dolphins

With the ninth overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins selected Ted Ginn Jr. Now, six years later, Ginn is heading to the Super Bowl as a member of the San Francisco 49ers. Yesterday, Ginn spoke to the Palm Beach Posts' Ben Volin about his time with the Dolphins.

Jed Jacobsohn

This Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers will face the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday in Super Bowl XLVII. The 49ers in the championship game means Ted Ginn, Jr., the Miami Dolphins 2007 first round pick, will have a chance for a Super Bowl ring. To Dolphins fans, who hated the Ginn pick the moment it was made, it's just another bout of salt in an open wound.

Ginn is widely considered a bust around Miami. He was selected with the ninth overall pick, and, as then head coach Cam Cameron explained it, his punt return ability would excite the fan base, and not only had the Dolphins drafted Ginn, but they drafted his entire family as well.

Dolphins fans booed Cameron during that press conference, having hoped the team would select quarterback Brady Quinn instead of the speedy wide receiver. Yesterday, in the build up to the Super Bowl, the Palm Beach Post's Ben Volin caught up with Ginn, and asked him about his time in Miami, and if he has any regrets.

"I still got my Dolphin sign," Ginn told Volin, taking off his sweatshirt to reveal the tattoo of the Dolphins logo on his right forearm. "Got it as soon as they drafted me. It's all part of my legacy. I got no regrets or nothing."

Volin asked Ginn about the bust label Dolphins fans give him. "It is what it is. If I'm a bust, I'm a good bust," he said. "I don't have no bad feelings toward Miami. When I was there, I had nothing but good times."

The Dolphins traded Ginn to the 49ers after the 2009 season, getting a fifth round draft pick in return. Ginn, who had just two receptions this season, is a free agent this year. The end of his career may not be far away. However, he at least knows he has a chance at a Super Bowl ring this week.

"I knew one day that I was going to be here," he said. "It's great - just shows what type of team we have to put the (playoff) runs together back-to-back."

Ginn may never be a player worth what the Dolphins spent to land him, but at the same time, it's not his fault that the Dolphins' picked him with the ninth pick either. When asked about the pick the next day, then head coach Cam Cameron tried to explain that picking Ginn was not just picking the player - the Dolphins had picked the "entire Ginn family."

"I just think at the time, that was the best thing to say," Ginn said. "We had a good, strong relationship at the time. That's not the reason they took me, but they've known me for a while. Good friends, great coach."

Whatever the case, Ginn - and his entire family - will be playing Sunday with a chance to win that ring, lift the Lombardi Trophy, and possibly ride off into the sunset.